What is a Nanny?

A nanny’s primary responsibility is to care for her employer’s children and provide a safe, healthy, loving environment where the children can learn through educational play and activities (usually at the employer’s home),

A nanny’s duties may include:

• Tending to child’s needs (physical and emotional)
• Providing healthy meals and snacks
• All child related duties: organizing children’s room and play areas, cleaning bottles, washing cloth diapers, children’s laundry, help with cleaning after play time and meals
• Organizing activities and/or play dates
• Setting boundaries by using a disciplinary method agreed on by the parents
• Providing social and intellectual learning through educational activities
• Providing transportation (if needed)
• Traveling with the family (if needed)
• Communicating children’s needs to parents

How much do nannies make?

Nannies always make at least minimum wage unless they are living in the family’s home (then it may be less since the nanny will be getting free room/board). Factors will depend on how many children the nanny will be caring for and what their ages are, as well as whether or not the nanny will need to do housekeeping, driving, errands and other types of responsibilities. It also depends on the city the nanny lives in. Some cities like San Francisco and New York pay higher than other cities. A nanny in wealthier cities can make upwards of $20/hr for her services. The average rate for nannies is $10-$15/hr depending on the factors mentioned above. Nannies with extensive experience (such as baby nurses, teachers and professional nannies) will charge more for their services (usually $18-$25/hr).

For more information on nannies, how to find a nanny and access to free forms (such as nanny contracts and sample interview questions), please go to www.NannyCare.com.